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Evelyn Holtzner

Sys. Admin. | Cloud | NodeJS | Python
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Decided to Challenge myself recently by taking a dive into Next.JS and seeing how quickly I could turn around a Staticly Generated Blog with it. I believe my time log for this now would be at about 8 hours total work over two weekends. I will likely keep this around for a while to post any projects I might decide to document and share. Hope there will be some more in the works after this, Will probably see what NextJS is like working with Restful API's or something a bit more technical. This blog is also the first project I will be forcing myself to use eslint and decided to use googles public rule set. I have disabled require-jsdoc for now but will likely continue on this project and take the time to fix everything up for that. I started from an Example provided by Next.JS for this but put in some work tearing it apart and tweaking it to my need. Overall pretty happy with the results considering I do Operations for a living. All content for this is written in MD and Next.JS handles proccessing that to HTML for me and it is also my first time using MD. I have been very pleased with the workflow for generating this introductory post and look forward to developing my skills with all that is possible with this stack.